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SMEDA is seeking participation of foreign suppliers of machinery, equipment and innovative solutions for SME sectors operating in a variety of sectors, including priority sectors identified as follows:

  • ICT Services (mobile applications, website and software development)
  • Manufacturing (production, transformation and processing in various sectors such as light engineering, furniture making, printing, food and beverages etc.)
  • Bio-farming and other value added agri-business activities
  • Aqua culture and other value added ocean economy related activities
  • Renewable and green energy
  • Other productive sectors including handicraft


A series of professional seminars and workshops will be conducted during the Fair

Entrepreneur-oriented Academia

The Fair will introduce an entrepreneuroriented academia to visitors endeavouring to set up a business

Design Solutions

Showcase design-driven or design-led new product development processes that contribute to the development of more radical innovations


Innovative channel that can open up new opportunities to an aspiring population of entrepreneurs to undertake a business venture, via support to capacitate franchisees with technical and entrepreneurial skills

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